It’s that time of the year again… Time for another BootieSL in RL.

The dancing starts in Club Republik at 8PM SLT, and the real life DNA Lounge event starts at 9PM SLT. You can watch the setup right now:

From the camera feeds you can watch your avatar being shown on 3 different projectors inside the Club DNA Lounge. There is a live music feed inworld at Club Republik, or on the Club DNA Lounge website.

Direct TP to the event at Club Republik:

Get there early because the sim is going to be packed!

Presently, the projectors are awaiting the signal from the Second Life source computer:


Recently a World of Warcraft player has had her political aspirations smeared by the Republican Party for things that her World of Warcraft avatar has said. This seems like a new low even for politicians. It’s just another reason you may not want to link your RL name with your SL name if you can help it. Same goes for your RL Facebook linking to your SL avatar.

As most people know, I always stay out of politics, but this new low set by the Republican Party is wrong on so many levels, especially because it represents what must not become a new trend for online worlds. That said, if you would like to show your support for Colleen, please visit her website at

It might be a good time to see if your Second Life avatar has been assassinated from Facebook as another ritual purge has just occurred yesterday. Many fake accounts have been removed from Facebook. As a result, the first words out of many people’s mouths today is probably going to be “Damn You Facebook, Damn You!”

Holy Moly!

Linden Lab has just announced that they will be adding some much needed graphic improvements to Second Life in the form of normal and specular maps. This will definitely bring us one step closer to Second Life: HardCore World that I’ve been envisioning for quite some time.

A new tech trailer for Crysis 3 was released very recently that shows off what CryEngine 3 can do. It is simply amazing with stunning environmental effects. I can’t help but wonder what Second Life could be like if it were running on a similar engine. Imagine the possibilities. Perhaps Linden Lab will take my advice. As a special thank you to all of the SL hardcore users who have supported the platform all these years, develop a sequel to Second Life using the CryENGINE 3 or Unreal 4 Engine and name it Second Life: HardCore World.

Besides, it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

In what will hopefully become a true reality some day soon, the Oculus Rift controlling your Second Life avatar…

The Kickstarter project has just surpassed it’s $250,000 goal and that allows it to be sent off to game developers to experiment with. This is one VR headset that looks like it was made for Second Life. The price is going to be amazing as well, perhaps as low as $300 US dollars or less, if the dev kit is priced anywhere near the consumer version. If you like virtual reality even just a little, check out the video as it is quite amazing. It’s what many have been waiting for a long time to see. I’m sure it won’t be long before one of the developers gets it up and running on Second Life and when the Oculus Rift and SL finally sync up with each other, the first thing I am going to do is go swimming in the vast Second Life oceans to search for sunken bot treasures.

That is of course, after I complete the Floating – Flying – Falling sequence from the LawnMower Man:

Good luck Oculus. We are counting on you.

Facebook Click Bots

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Second Life News

As if the bots in SL weren’t bad enough. Now, beware the Facebook Click Bots…

Electronic Arts has announced that SimCity is going to be returning to the PC next year, this time as a multiplayer game that will feature the following:

  • Immersive 3D worlds and tactile interactions give you the power to shape the city you envision.
  • Work together with friends to build a region for the first time! The cities in your friends’ region will directly interact with each other.
  • Want to be a good neighbor? Send fire trucks to help your friend in an emergency.
  • Want to be a bad neighbor? Produce mass pollution and watch your friends’ Sims become sick.


There I was, out searching for a delicious pizza when I happened upon Click Clack City in the Coleman sim. At this point the radar was going crazy and it occured to me that there might be a bot infestation nearby. Sure enough, I zoomed in on the radar data to find a very large bot cluster nearby. This cluster wins the prize for the most creative bot name I have ever seen called Cumfart Release. Well done Cumfart, well done.

In what can only be described as “Holy Fucking Moly!”, the Second Life most popular sim chart has been infected with bots. Two of the sims were infected a while ago, and two new ones just recently. There is a lot of speculation as to what is going on in some of the Arabian bot-infested sims. Please use extreme caution when visiting QMRNA, KSA, Arab Avatar, and Miami Island. Enter at your own risk.

Image Credit: New World Notes

Holy Moly!

Although it never actually went away, camping appears to have made a huge comeback recently. Just today I was out looking for some pizza when I stumbled across a sim labeled ‘KSA al7ejaz land’ that contained 55 campers. Quite an amazing sight. They all looked rather bored and hungry. Maybe next time I stop by I’ll bring them some pizza.

I sort of wonder if all these new bot and camper occurences could be tied into Hamlet’s mysteries or not.

Still unable to locate a decent pizza joint, I travel onward and find another location that has even more campers. Over 65 at this joint. It’ called Kingdom of Jordan. What is odd about this place is that the campers were sitting on the same exact bench as the last location, and the room was located at about 4000 meters in the sky and there was a mysterious spinning orb with the words Voodoo Sploder written on it, same as in al7ejaz. Quite disturbing to say the least, and these benches do not look comfortable at all. They make my butt hurt just looking at them.

They really know how to stack-em and rack-em over at Club Stacks on Miami Island. In the sky at around 2100 there are two large orbs containing about 30 bots. You’ll need a flight feather to see them:

Perhaps the fixed search is causing a re-surgence of bots as of late.

Holy Moly!

There I was just minding my own business over at Planet Michael when I decided to check in on the Second Life grid. That’s when I spotted them. Over 75 bots hanging out at the Virgin Islands. At first I was a a little shocked because bot swarms that big are usually not around for very long, as to be noticed, however, this particular bot swarm has hung around long enough to make the very top of the charts over at New World Notes. I’m not sure how Hamlet missed this one, especially because I e-mailed him twice about it. Perhaps he’s just going crazy again. However, there they are. At the top of the chart. I wonder how long they will stay there. This is most bizarre indeed.

Image Credit: New World Notes

Be sure to mark your calendar for this amazing event. In just 2 short weeks, Club Republik will be hosting a live Second Life mixed reality event at the real life San Francisco Club DNA Lounge. For anyone who missed the event last year, this is your second chance to make Second Life history.

All you have to do is show up at Club Republik on Saturday, August 6th at 9PM SLT. The BootieSL party starts then and will be going all night long. The SL residents who show up will have their avatars broadcast onto very large projectors strategically placed all throughout the real life Club DNA Lounge and the music with dj performances from the event will be streamed into Club Republic. There are also close to a dozen camera’s placed throughout the DNA Lounge that are webcast for your viewing pleasure. For those of you who are lucky enough to live in or around San Francisco, you’ll be able to attend the real life event at the DNA Lounge. Last year both the real and virtual clubs were packed and Yoz Linden even made a special appearance. This year should be even more amazing. Be sure to get the word out!

Direct TP to the club:
Club DNA Lounge Live Camera Feeds:
(This event is even better if you have a multi-monitor setup – 1 monitor for SL and 1 for the live Club DNA cameras)

Review and highlights of last year’s event:

Great Wicked Googalee’s!

In what can only be described as shocking, bizarre, and borderline insane, it would appear that the world’s first Google+ bot has passed a ‘proof of concept’ stage. With this new crazy bot, it looks possible to instantly add over 5,000 friends to your Google+ circles for instant spam. Just what Google+ doesn’t need. Interesting video below.


Holy Moly and Great Gonzo Garbonzo Beans!

This just in… Under the wire, it appears that according to sources over at the Alphaville Herald that there may be a new twist on an older Second Life security glitch that is able to be exploited in such a way that it allows rezzing of objects on no-rez or restricted land. Perhaps even a new HUD to make the exploit easier to use or something. This means that possibly, someone could rez a Meero on your land, not feed it, and let it die of starvation. At this point, PETA would be all over your ass. For more on this late breaking news, head on over to the source

Today the Lost Gardens of Apollo have closed down for public viewing due to a financial crisis and high tier costs sustained by the owner of the simulation, Dane Zander. There is a last plee of hope being sent out to Linden Lab at this time. If the call is answered, the simulation could be saved.

Whether or not the Lost Gardens of Apollo are saved, only time will tell, time that only Bill Paxton can predict

A small excerpt that Dane has posted in the NWN blog comment section is included below:

“I have taken the liberty to write Linden Labs about this, and have offered Apollo to them – to be an official Linden Labs owned and run sim. That way, it could perhaps stay open. Let us give them time to consider that, and see what happens. Linden Labs have felt the crisis as well, so I completely understand their need to be “in business for the money”, and not do these things without due consideration. While I wait, I am moving my RL home, and backing up my SL one – Apollo.

So here we are – the simulator I once swapped for a high-priced Mainland sim with Anshe Chung, and made to my liking, will end its long life now. It was just closed to the public. So, once again. Thank you all. For everything. Most sincerely yours” -Dane Zander

I wasn’t out looking for trouble last week… It was a nice night to go hang gliding and so I chose the peaceful location of Amydria, a very nice water-front community with boats, docks, and decent food. I started my descent at 4500 meters dropped from a Space Harrier that was in the neighborhood. As I descended down on Amydria, I picked up an unsual wind current that started to steer me away from the sunset I was heading to when out of nowhere….Smash!

Next thing I knew I had smacked right into a large light blue multi-compartment box that was just hovering in the sky around 4000 meters. The box appeared to be completely surrounded by a slight coating of transparent aluminum. Needless to say, it was this aluminum alloy that completely destroyed my hang glider causing it to go crashing to the ground. Luckily, I always carry with me a set of small suction cups which I was able to pull out at just the right moment. I grabbed onto the large blue floating box and slid my way in through a small opening where the compartments intertwined.

Once inside I used a small flash grenade to get a glimpse and to my shock and amazement, there they were. Fourteen bots were in one compartment, and 5 in another. They were all lifeless, they spoke not a single word. I was horrified and not only that… I was trapped. I had no way to get back to the ground save jumping and hoping I wouldn’t be crushed when I hit the icy ocean waters below. So I remembered what Ken Uston would do in a situation like this. From his book Mastering PacMan, he taught me the fine art of improvisation. As luck would have it, I had a small brand new package of dental floss with me I had received from the dentist the day before. It was in my back pocket. I used the dental floss to create a makeshift parachute out of the clothing that the bots were wearing. I decided luck was on my side, jumped out of the box and opened my chute at 1500 meters. The makeshift parachute opened and I drifted down to safety.

Time for a Heineken.

Massively has just posted a 34 minute audio interview with Rod Humble. I listened to it while eating some vanilla ice cream because I couldn’t sleep. The interviewer is a 7 year old SL resident and some of the questions were very good. Rod seemed to handle most of the questions quite well so get yourself some ice cream and give it a listen.

Finally! What is sure to be an amazing movie that many Second Life residents have been waiting an eternity for, Neuromancer is now confirmed to begin filming in 2012. Check out the info over at And for those of you who missed it, the US version of Johnny Mnemonic is finally out on Bluray in 2 weeks!